Investigation on Exposure to Violence and Depression Status of Infertile Women

Hatice Cay

Celal Bayar University, Hafsa Sultan Hospital, Midwife, Turkey.

Selma Sen *

Midwifery Department, Faculty of Health Sciences, Celal Bayar University, Turkey.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Objective: The study was carried out to determine exposure to violence and depression status of infertile women.

Methods: The study was cross-sectional and descriptive type of study. The universe of the study consisted of 1448 infertile women and the sample of the study consisted 306 infertile women. Data were collected by the researcher using the Infertile Women Information Form, Infertile Women’s Exposure to Violence Determination Scale (IWEVDS), and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). In the analysis of the data, number, percentage distribution, chi square, Kruskal-Wallis test, point averages, Pearson Correlation Test and Simple Linear Regression Analysis were used.

Results: It has been determined that the mean age of infertile women was 30.88±6.51 years, 77.3% of women were exposed to violence throughout their lives and 69.4% of them were exposed to violence after being diagnosed with infertility according to their statements and perceptions, IWEVDS point average was 69.89±28.59, 55.9% of women had a higher point than point average of the scale and 66.3% of them had severe depression symptoms. There was a strong and significant positive correlation between point averages of two scales (r=0.629, p<0.05) and 40% of the change in Beck Depression Scale total points could be explained by IWEVDS points.

Conclusion: It has been concluded that the majority of infertile women have moderate and severe depression symptoms, more than half of the women were exposed to violence within the family or society, women with moderate/severe depression symptoms were exposed to violence within the family or society more, and that women were exposed to more violence and pressure within the family or by society because of infertility and there is a strong correlation between this situation and frequency of depression incidence.

Keywords: Infertility, violence, depression, woman health

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